Why taking notes during lectures sucks!

The problem with taking notes during lectures is that the content is projected to the screen and you are writing your notes somewhere else – out of context. You end up spending time making notes relevant, which means copying parts of the lecture presentation. When you spend time doing this unnecessary stuff, you miss out on all the important things..

You’re not a bad learner, only your tools are bad

So the problem is that you can’t concentrate because you’re forced to do unnecessary stuff. What if you could have the lecture content streamed to your tablet or computer in real-time and you would be able to make notes straight into the presentation content?

Our cloud service Presefy makes this possible and we are proud to say that people love it. The presentation content is streamed in real time and the audience can follow with any device that has a browser. No installations or setups needed, so getting started is really easy.

Taking notes and sharing them with your friends

We are right now developing the features for taking notes and would love to hear your ideas. Would you want to share your notes with your friends? Would you want to export notes and presentation content to some specific format? What kind of notes do you usually make – drawings or text?

Check out Presefy and SHARE your ideas in the comments. We will make them happen!

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    2 thoughts on “Why taking notes during lectures sucks!

    1. I totally agree with this. It would be great to have a way to share notes and information with others and take the slides and add content to them as well.
      It would be nice if there notes from the slides could also be present. That, or the presenter could add their own notes and cross references as well.

    2. Thanks for your feedback Jason.

      I think we could do some really cool stuff with sharing and cross referencing notes between the audience and the presenter. We’ll look into it!

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