Telemarketing is still in the Stone Age

We’ve been already blogging about how Presefy can improve your presentations in education and business use. I would like to give more insight into how Presefy could help telemarketers close deals better.

Telemarketing has not really changed within the past 30 years at all. It is still basically the same thing. Employees sitting in cubicals at some call center and making as much calls as they can. You could say that they go quantity over quality. Strange thing about telemarketing not changing is that the technology has improved a lot since the late ’70s. I know, some techniques in the sales have changed, but technology is still the same. We would like to bring Presefy into tools that telemarketers could use to close deals.

The use of internet is growing

The amount of internet connections at home is growing. Actually, almost all of the households now has an internet connection. According to statistics from Statistics Finland 87% of the households in Finland had an internet connection in 2012. Which is 6 percent higher than in 2010. Also over 90% of the people from ages 25-44 use internet daily. Most of the people that are not using internet are senior citizens, still over 60% of the people ages 55-64 use internet daily in Finland.

Using Presefy in telemarketing

So, nowadays it is very possible that the customer you are making a cold call is available to view your content online. This gives the caller a chance to showcase his product with an visual aid. Let me give you a little example of the sales situation with Presefy added to the cold call:

Customer: “Hello”
Caller: “Hello, this is Mr. Salesalot calling from ACME. Do you have a little time?”
Customer: “I have five minutes.”
Caller: “OK, are you using computer at the moment?”
Customer: “Yes, I am.”
Caller: “Nice, could you go to , so I can showcase our product faster?”
Customer: “Ok, I’m on it.” (Now the customer can see Callers’ slides on
Caller: “So here are the rocks I’m telling you about. Are you interested?”
Customer: “Nice, the rocks look like just the way I want the rocks to look like. I’ll take a ton of those.”
Caller: ”Good, it was nice doing business with you. Good day.”
Customer: ”Thanks, bye.”

Of course this was a fictional case but I think you catch the drift. Instead of just telling about your product, now you can use slides as a tool to market your product. Actually Presefy is the best thing that has happened to telemarketers since the phone itself. Using Presefy for telemarketing is easy. Just sign up and login on our site. And then you can control your slides using either your mobile device or your computer.

Please share your thoughts and concerns related to using slides in telemarketing in the comments section. We would love to make our service better for your needs. And if you are a telemarketer, try Presefy it is FREE.

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