Spice Up Your Presentation with Interactive Polls

Imagine yourself speaking to a large group of people. Then you would want to know everyone’s opinion on a simple question. Wouldn’t it be cool that you would get real statistics about the question instead of trying to count raised hands? This is where IQPolls steps in. IQPolls is a service that allows the presenter to create interactive polls for their audience.

IQPolls is really innovative and easy way to engage your audience. Getting started with IQPolls is simple. Just sign up and you are able to create your first poll. After you’ve created your poll, you can start it. Answering to the poll is simple too. On the site there is a QR code which can be scanned with a mobile device. You can also answer to the poll by heading to www.poll.si and entering the poll ID.

Most people can enjoy the free version

IQPolls is free to use, but there are few different options for extra options. The free version is enough for most of us. In some cases you might want to ask more than one question from your audience or download the data you have gathered. In these situations you should check out other Pricing options.

IQPolls reminds me a bit of the ‘Ask the audience’ part of the hit show in ‘Who want’s to be a Millionaire?’. The only difference being that now it’s available for all smart phone users. Check it out now.


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