Presefy PRO Launched


Presefy Launches $24.95 Per Year PRO Subscription. Introduces More Storage And Extra Security, the service that is making presentations engaging, is introducing its PRO level of service today. Starting now, will offer paid users more storage, password protected presentations and easy presentation sharing functionality for an annual price of $24.95.

The four-man team from Finland is making presentations engaging by combining two unique functionalities. First, the presenter can present freely using only his mobile device to host the presentation. Second, the audience can participate by following the content in real-time on their own devices. No additional software is needed, as the HTML5 service works straight in the browser.

More storage and extra security

More storage space has been an anticipated update, since the free version only allows you to store two presentations at a time. Extra security comes in the form of password protected channels. With the PRO subscription, users can now easily assign a password to their live presentation to ensure that it isn’t being viewed by unwanted visitors.

Over 10.000 presentations have been given using Presefy, since launch earlier this year. The service has grown steadily but it’s looking to add more users with soon to be released mobile clients for major platforms and cloud storage integrations.

Presefy’s latest update comes on the heels of the company earlier announcing HTML5 support for presentations. This means that all users have been able to deliver their engaging presentations with a full PowerPoint experience – including animations and transitions.

Check it out now at


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