Presefy goes public and sees rapid growth

April 2013, what a great month for Presefy that was. In the late March 2013 we finalized our first official version of Presefy. Since then it has been a wild ride. Our user base has had some rapid growth since then. There is a huge thanks to an article on TechCrunch and of course to you, our users who keep on sharing Presefy on your favourite social medias.

Great feedback from loving users

Mainly all the feedback has been really positive, and our users love Presefy as you can see here. Many of our users have been actively searching for a tool like Presefy and we are happy that we can help them. Some of them are teachers, some are entrepreneurs and some students. The connecting factor is that everyone of them want to use their mobile device as presentation controlling device. We are all the time checking up suggestions from our users to make Presefy even better. So, if you have one, do not hesitate to contact us. Keep the feedback coming. We want it more.


Now we are working hard to bring you guys iOS and Android apps as soon as possible. That way controlling the presentation will be even more convenient and instant. We’re also bringing our PRO features soon that will include features like password protected channels, notes for presenter and audience, and many more. Stay tuned.

If you have any suggestions, concerns or questions, you can reach to us on Facebook, Twitter, email or just leave a comment below. We read all our feedback.

Happy Presenting!

P.S. Don’t forget to try it out yourself at¬†, you are going to love it.

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