Introducing the Full PowerPoint Experience

Press Release

Presefy, a cloud service for interactive and engaging presentations, has today released their most notable update since launching in March this year. The service now broadcasts PowerPoint presentations in HTML5 format.

Update improves the presentation experience

This means that you can now enjoy the full PowerPoint experience across all devices. Animations, transitions, graphs, tables, etc. are all now supported. This is a very anticipated update because it significantly improves the presentation experience. Also the overall quality of slides has been improved. This update doesn’t however yet include support for audio and video but they are planned for the future.

Presefy sees growth and has plans for the future

Since their launch in March, Presefy now has almost 10.000 users worldwide. People love the service and use it daily in educational and business presentations.

“Feedback from our users has just been phenomenal and we are very excited about this update because so many people have asked for it.” -Eero Rönkkö, CEO of Presefy.

Service adoption has been great and with this major update they hope to grow even faster in the future. The four man team is busy at work because before the end of the year Presefy will also launch their paid offering. Also native mobile apps for iOS and Android are planned for the near future.

What are you expecting from Presefy in the near future? Throw us an email. Or contact us in Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Happy Presenting!
Team Presefy


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