Front line of Presefy in Educational Sector

A few weeks ago I had the honor to get in touch with one really enthusiastic man among our users. The person was using Presefy regularly and he also used Twitter to tell the world he was about to give a presentation. The neat thing here was that anyone could join and watch the presentation as he used Presefy to deliver the slides and Skype to deliver voice or video.

Jon TaitThe person I’m talking about is Jon Tait. Jon is an Assistant Head Teacher at Woodham Academy. As an Assistan Head Teacher his main responsibility is teaching and learning, and the developing of teaching and learning for staff. He aims to develop a culture of learning among the staff. For the past year Jon has been working on to get the staff communicate with each other. The goal there is to get teachers speak about their teaching. What teaching methods are working with for them and what are not. Jon hopes to raise a buzz on new methods for teaching and make teachers discuss about the experiences with each other. Even though Jon is an Assistant Head Teacher, he still teaches about 15 hours a week.

Jon is also a regular speaker at TeachMeets. TeachMeets are informal gatherings for teachers to present ideas that work in their classroom. TeachMeets have gathered a lot of traction lately in the UK. TeachMeets started from small 10-20 teacher gatherings, and now are having hundreds of teachers. According to Tait, these gatherings are so popular because there are no “Sales Pitches”. Just teachers networking and talking about their teaching methods.

As a teacher Jon is specialized in Physical Education. Still, Jon is quite a tech savvy person. He uses Skype a lot in his teaching. He has had guest speakers from around the world in his classes. The guest speakers range from ex-Premiership Footballers to ex-students. He also hosted one international dancing project between students from the UK and US.

- It was an amazing lesson. That we are 3000 miles apart, but because of the technology, because of Skype, we were able to do that.

Technology in Teaching

For a teacher, Jon has built quite a remarkable follower base on Twitter. Mainly all of his followers are teachers from all across the world. He writes an educational blog at In 2012 Jon had the opportunity to be the Olympic Torch bearer for the London Olympic Games.

- That was an absolutely fantastic honor for me. It was something I never forget. I carried the Torch in the local community where I live as a part of the Olympic Torch relay. It was just incredible.

What does bearing Olympic Torch has to do with technology, you ask. Because Jon was a Olympic Torch bearer, he has been asked to give many presentations. He regularly speaks about the Olympic Torch to schools in the US. He used to do this by using only Skype as a way to speak to them. However, there was still something missing. The technology used by Jon is not limited to Skype. Actually he says being a big fan of using digital technology, such as Skype and Presefy, in his teaching. Skype, however, doesn’t bring everything to the table.

- The problem with Skype is that, when I’m doing a remote presentation. The audience can see me or they can see my slides. They can’t see both. When I first saw Presefy, I thought it was perfect. Now I can broadcast my lecture via Skype and people can use their own devices to follow on my slides. That has been fantastic.

Jon advocates Presefy in education

Jon is one of the forerunners in using education technology and we are proud to have him as an ambassador for Presefy. With the contacts that Jon has with teachers around the world, this a huge opportunity for Presefy to build knowledge among teachers and educational sector across the globe. To know more about Jon’s achievements and Olympic Torch. Check out And follow Jon Tait on Twitter.

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