Educational presentations done right

We’ve all been there. Sitting in the crowd, amongst hundreds of other students, staring at the huge projector canvas, listening to the presenter trying to educate us on any given subject. Everyone is doing their best trying to copy the projected slides to their notebooks so that they can try to understand the subject later on and make personal notes. Let’s just face it – This sucks! We think that there is a better way to manage educational presentations..

Follow the preso on your own device

With Presefy, you could follow the presentation in real-time on your own laptop or iPad. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities. For example writing and sharing notes, going back to content you missed, downloading the presentation with your custom notes etc..

Very often there are situations where you would like to have a look at the previous slide just to check something. If you would be following the preso on your own device you could easily and without disturbing others scroll to the previous slide. In fact, in Presefy you can browse through the whole presentation at your own pace and when you feel like going back to the same flow as the presenter, just enable the follow function.

This makes presentations so much more convenient because we are used to getting information when we want it! 

Make notes and share them with others

Learning is a personal process and one of the most efficient tools is making your own notes to the presentation slides. Imagine if you could add your own notes straight to the ongoing presentation and save them effortlessly for later use.

Learning from others is also very efficient, so how cool would it be to be able to share notes with others. With Presefy this kind of group collaboration will be possible and presentations will become more interesting.

The possibilities are endless

How about following the presentation from a remote location? Wouldn’t it be nice to follow the presentation coupled with audio that is streamed from the presenters mobile device?

What other kind of use cases can you think of? Or what kind of features would you be interested in that would help make educational presentations not suck? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments and we will make it happen!

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