Spice Up Your Presentation with Interactive Polls


Imagine yourself speaking to a large group of people. Then you would want to know everyone’s opinion on a simple question. Wouldn’t it be cool that you would get real statistics about the question instead of trying to count raised hands? This is where IQPolls steps in. IQPolls is a service that allows the presenter to create interactive polls for their audience. Continue reading

5 Tips to Reduce Stage Fright

Burning Mic

There are a lot of tips and tools to presenting around the Internet. In this blog post I will help you be confident with yourself and rock your presentation. The first thing to know is that you are not the only person to be nervous or have fears about the presentation. Actually, a study shows that the peoples number one fear is public speaking. Mark Twain put it quite well: “There are two types of speakers, the nervous and the liars.”. With these five steps I hope that you’ll be more confident in yourself and maybe leave some of that stage fright behind. Continue reading

Captivate your audience with these pitching techniques

There are already plenty of articles about the perfect pitch structure, so I won’t waste your time there. Instead I will talk about some principals which you should take into consideration when pitching and presenting to people. These principals apply always – unlike pitch content and structure, which you should tailor according to your audience. Continue reading

BYOD – A Possibility or a Threat

Laptop at meeting

The number of personal mobile devices and laptops is increasing rapidly. By the end of the year 2013 there will be more mobile devices than people on earth. This will eventually lead to the fact that more and more people will bring their devices to school and work. The companies and schools just have to cope with this change. Fortunately there has been a lot of discussion on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). From schools to businesses. Continue reading

The 7 most common mistakes in Presentations

Double face palm

We all have had our fair share of presentations. I can honestly say that over half of the presentations I have seen have been really boring. I made a list of presentation mistakes that I have encountered quite much lately. I hope that this will be helpful for some, and this way at least one of the boring presentations I was about to see is changed to an interesting presentation. Continue reading

Why taking notes during lectures sucks!

Taking notes

The problem with taking notes during lectures is that the content is projected to the screen and you are writing your notes somewhere else – out of context. You end up spending time making notes relevant, which means copying parts of the lecture presentation. When you spend time doing this unnecessary stuff, you miss out on all the important things.. Continue reading

Storytelling as a Presentation Tool


At some point of life each and every one of us have done at least one presentation. And we have watched tons of presentations. What do you think, how many of those presentations you have seen were memorable? I know, not so many. To be honest, traditional presentations with bullet points suck. The old way of presenting was just to push and push information to the audience as much as you can. I cannot emphasize enough how boring the “old” presentations are. You all know the professor/lecturer sitting behind the computer talking boring stuff and speaking in a monotone voice. Times are fortunately changing – and so should you. I would like to encourage people to use storytelling as a tool to make their presentations more interesting.

Continue reading