Why taking notes during lectures sucks!

Taking notes

The problem with taking notes during lectures is that the content is projected to the screen and you are writing your notes somewhere else – out of context. You end up spending time making notes relevant, which means copying parts of the lecture presentation. When you spend time doing this unnecessary stuff, you miss out on all the important things.. Continue reading

Educational presentations done right

Educational lecture

We’ve all been there. Sitting in the crowd, amongst hundreds of other students, staring at the huge projector canvas, listening to the presenter trying to educate us on any given subject. Everyone is doing their best trying to copy the projected slides to their notebooks so that they can try to understand the subject later on and make personal notes. Let’s just face it – This sucks! We think that there is a better way to manage educational presentations.. Continue reading

Check out our awesome advisors!

Tom Ojala and Marko Luhtala join Presefy as advisors

Today is a big day for us here at Presefy. We are very excited to welcome Tom Ojala and Marko Luhtala on board as advisors to Presefy. They will be adding tremendous value with their experience and connections in the field of mobile and cloud services. Also I think it’s worth mentioning that working with these highly motivated and talented guys is a lot of fun! Continue reading

Making business presentations easy and flexible!

Business presentations

Presefy is a very useful tool for everyone who has anything to do with presentations. From students and lecturers to B2B and B2C marketing. One thing that all salesmen know is that time is essential when pitching your product to potential customer. Time is money and sometimes it is really hard to get even 5 minute appointment with the customer. This is one of the things where Presefy can help you. Continue reading