BYOD – A Possibility or a Threat

The number of personal mobile devices and laptops is increasing rapidly. By the end of the year 2013 there will be more mobile devices than people on earth. This will eventually lead to the fact that more and more people will bring their devices to school and work. The companies and schools just have to cope with this change. Fortunately there has been a lot of discussion on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). From schools to businesses.


Engage and activate your audience. For teachers, lecturers and people who give presentations at work, mobile devices and laptops give a great channel for communication. For instance with Presefy the audience and the speaker can have a conversation that won’t be a distraction to the presentation. The presenter can easily look from his device, if the audience has some questions or comments about the presentation. Audience can also discuss about the presentation in real-time.

Collaborate.¬†There are a lot of tools and services available for students and workers to use.Then on the other hand you never know which platform they are planned for. There aren’t that many tools that you can use with every platform. Especially when users bring a lot of different kinds of devices it is important that the tools have support for all the them. Otherwise the devices become totally useless. One of the best tools to collaborate with others students and co-workers is Google Drive. It works basically on all devices, and it supports document sharing.

Save Money. Sometimes overlooked in the discussions is the financial point of view. Since employees and students are bringing in their own devices, the organization doesn’t need to buy workstations. Also with Presefy you can view presentation from any device. This leads to saving costs of pricey projectors.


Distraction. Quite common sight in schools is that the students use their own devices for something that is distracting them from learning. Games and Facebook are more interesting than history for many students. Actually I’ve seen people play World of Warcraft while in a lecture at University.

Security issues. The companies that possess intellectual property or other confidential information BYOD can be a huge security risk. Even the schools have some confidential information like student’s personal data.

Minimizing threats

Activating services and software. To prevent people from playing games, surfing Facebook or other social media sites during your presentation, you need a service like Presefy to keep your audience in your hands. Engage with your audience by roaming around the room freely and interact with them using the social features.

Access management. From the security point of view it is important that the employees are not allowed to use any software they like. Since it’s impossible to supervise on what employees do, wouldn’t it be a better to offer them software that is safe to use? For instance you know your employees will use Facebook at work, so make sure that they have the most secure browser in use instead of old Internet Explorer.

In the right hands and with right tools BYOD has great possibilities to be a huge help everywhere. We at Presefy do our best to bring you the best service to interact during a presentation. How do you feel about BYOD? How to harness all the possibilities in BYOD? Discuss below.

Happy Presenting!

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