Best way to show PowerPoint presentations during Skype calls

Skype is an awesome tool for remote meetings and video calls. However the ability to show your PowerPoint slides during the call is not very practical. The problem is that in order to show your slides, you need to share your screen and it often leads to showing more information than intended. Enter Presefy, the easiest way to stream your slides to remote audiences.

Presefy makes remote presentations awesome

Everyone who has shared their screen, to show a slide presentation during a Skype call, knows that uncertain feeling “Are they seeing something they shouldn’t?”. And even if you do set it up correctly, there is still the problem that the quality of the presentation slides isn’t optimal.

Presefy is the easiest way to show your PowerPoint slides to your audience during a Skype call. All they need to do is click on a link and they will be able to follow your slide presentation in real-time. No installations or setups needed. The slides will be streamed in HTML5 format which allows for very high quality and cross browser compatibility.

Getting started as a presenter

For you, the presenter, the preparations are easy. All you need to do is upload your PowerPoint presentation in advance to your Presefy cloud. When you wish to present your slides during the Skype call, just start the presentation in Presefy and it will automatically be live on your unique channel ( Give this link to your audience and they can see your slides in sync as you click through them.

Get started with Presefy and prepare to rock your next Skype meeting!


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