The 7 most common mistakes in Presentations

Double face palm

We all have had our fair share of presentations. I can honestly say that over half of the presentations I have seen have been really boring. I made a list of presentation mistakes that I have encountered quite much lately. I hope that this will be helpful for some, and this way at least one of the boring presentations I was about to see is changed to an interesting presentation. Continue reading

Storytelling as a Presentation Tool


At some point of life each and every one of us have done at least one presentation. And we have watched tons of presentations. What do you think, how many of those presentations you have seen were memorable? I know, not so many. To be honest, traditional presentations with bullet points suck. The old way of presenting was just to push and push information to the audience as much as you can. I cannot emphasize enough how boring the “old” presentations are. You all know the professor/lecturer sitting behind the computer talking boring stuff and speaking in a monotone voice. Times are fortunately changing – and so should you. I would like to encourage people to use storytelling as a tool to make their presentations more interesting.

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Making business presentations easy and flexible!

Business presentations

Presefy is a very useful tool for everyone who has anything to do with presentations. From students and lecturers to B2B and B2C marketing. One thing that all salesmen know is that time is essential when pitching your product to potential customer. Time is money and sometimes it is really hard to get even 5 minute appointment with the customer. This is one of the things where Presefy can help you. Continue reading