5 Cool Tricks to Use PowerPoint Like a Pro

Creating PowerPoint slides isn’t really rocket science. There are few useful tricks you can do to use PowerPoint like a pro. We’ve chosen 5 really cool tricks for you. Check them out.

#1 Choosing Slide Colors

This is actually a really useful video for basically any design where you need to play with different colors.

#2 Create Titled Slides Faster

This is one neat trick that most of us don’t know. After watching this video you are able to create as many titled slides as you wish within seconds.

#3 Create Awesome Slide Backgrounds Easily

This is also a really neat trick if you are only using default backgrounds from PowerPoint. Now you are able to create awesome looking textured backgrounds fast and easy.

#4 Cropping Around an Irregular Shape

We all know that you can crop your pictures using Photoshop or even Paint. However, you can do it also with PowerPoint. Actually, if you are cropping your photo to use on PowerPoint it is easier to use PowerPoint than other tools. This video will show you how.

#5 More Ways to Use Animations in Slides

We all know those regular animations that can be found in PowerPoint. But, do you know that you can customize your animations more than you think? This short video will teach you how. Note that animations should be used with consideration. Too much animation will ruin your presentation.


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